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Librarians have a wealth of knowledge to share with other librarians and others. Their unique backgrounds in librarianship and resulting expertise is not just for libraries and fellow librarians - there is much they can share with the community: whether the general public of library users, or specialized communities such as education, business, policymakers, or advocacy groups.

This page is a directory of librarians and library consultants who are available to give free or fee-based talks, training, consultation, and research services.
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Mary Ellen Bates - Bates Information Services  >>>
Mary Ellen Bates offers a wide range of provocative and dynamic keynote speeches and presentations appropriate for knowledge workers, librarians, or groups seeking a speech on a topic-specific area of research. She has conducted more than 300 speeches and presentations during her career, and receives rave reviews for her practical information and engaging delivery. Can't make it to a workshop? She also does one-on-one sessions.
Colorado State Library
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Pat Wagner - Pattern Research  >>>
PATTERN RESEARCH, Inc. offers research, consulting and training for innovators in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. We have provided "Tools for Explorers" since 1975. 85% of the programs Pat currently conducts are with libraries and library organizations such as state and national associations and state libraries, as well as host institutions such as universities.

She has worked with the library community in 47 states, from Alaska to Florida. Pat's clients like the personal service, the good-humored approach to training and education, the innovative mix of new and old ideas, and Pat's willingness to work with them to create programs that reflect the needs of their audience. Participants like her programs because they are both entertain and offer specific, practical skills and strategies that can be applied immediately to real problems.
Since Christine's expertise encompasses both economic development and business research services, she is uniquely qualified to assist communities in implementing a local economic development project. Her particular passion and expertise is Economic Gardening, an entrepreneurial approach to economic development that seeks to support local entrepreneurs by focusing on the three pillars of information, infrastructure, and connections.

She is also very interested in linking local and regional community economic development efforts with public, community college, and university libraries. Libraries are natural partners in local economic development efforts. To be successful, aspiring entrepreneurs need good information—about their markets, customers, industry, and competitors. Libraries have trained information providers who know how to access and use information resources to answer specific questions.We offer training to public and university library staff to help them connect to and support economic development initiatives in their communities.
Christine Hamilton-Pennell – Growing Local Economies.  >>>
Jamie LaRue   >>>
Jamie LaRue has been the director of the Douglas County Libraries, headquartered in Castle Rock, since 1990. He is the author of The New Inquisition: Understanding and Managing Intellectual Freedom Challenges, and has written a weekly newspaper column for over 23 years. He was the Colorado Librarian of the Year in 1998, the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce's 2003 Business Person of the Year, and in 2007 won the Julie J. Boucher Award for Intellectual Freedom.

Jamie is a frequent keynote speaker for library associations. He has been a featured presenter for regional workshops, facilitator and presentor for staff days, a last-minute panelist, and a moderator and master of ceremonies for everything from debates to awards dinners. Lately, he has also been running hiring processes for non-profit and municipal CEOs. He particularly enjoys facilitating highly focused planning sessions for organizations that want to know what they do right, and what they need to do next.

Inquiries should be directed to jlarue @ jlarue . com (first remove spacing in the address).
Keith is available as a speaker at local, state, regional, national, and international events for librarians, educators, and public policy-makers. Presentations on these and other topics will be updated for, and customized to, your audience's specific needs. For more information about topics on which he is prepared to present, see the annual announcement he sends to state library agencies and state and regional library associations. Sample PowerPoint presentations can be found at http://www.slideshare.net. He can be contacted at keithlance@comcast.net.
Keith Curry Lance   >>>
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