AIRS USEFULNESS AND FUTURE IN DOUBT? Dozens of libraries, not happy with AIRS, have dropped out of AIRS participation.  (The AIRS Committee - Acquisition of Information Resources Statewide - handles collaborative purchases of research databases for Colorado libraries.)

ADA ACCESS CLARITY LACKING - Fuzziness and confusion surrounds requirements adding close captioning to DVDs/videos to meet ADA requirements

E-BOOKS CHALLENGE FOR LIBRARIANS - "E-book and self-publishing together represent an explosion in the quantity of writing, and librarians don't know much about it." --Jamie LaRue, director, Douglas County Libraries [1]

E-PUBLISHING'S NEGATIVE IMPACT - "Your right to read is at risk. If you're an author, you may lose your right to BE read." --Jamie LaRue, director, Douglas County Libraries [1]

INFORMATION LITERACY EDUCATION - Should it be mandatory or at least offered as a for-credit course in colleges? [1]


LIBRARY RELEVANCE - Are libraries sufficiently re-inventing themselves to stay relevant to society's needs? [1]

ONLINE PIRACY LEGISLATION -  A court order could easily shut down websites infringing on copyrights, seen as a threat to the Internet and a move not supported by librarians [1]  [2]

PUBLIC LIBRARY MANAGEMENT PRIVATIZATION / OUTSCOURCING - A good or bad thing? Viewpoints from the field, compiled by the Colorado State Library [1

SCHOOL LIBRARY CRISIS - Only 30% of Colorado schools have a licensed librarian 

SCHOOL LIBRARIAN CUTS HURTING EDUCATION - Two dozen studies show a positive link between library speanding and student performance [1]

On the horizon
goals / wish lists / in the works

>AskAcademic expansion and adding alternative revenue streams

>AspenCat inclusion of academic libraries

>Joining a community college consortium for collaborative purchasing of databases to ensure fair and equitable pricing of databases for all libraries

>e-books business model for libraries and publishers changing with library digital rights management and ownership

>"Highly Effective School Library Program" competency standards for school librarians being implemented

>improved sharing of e-resources and access by community college libraries

>increased close captioning of DVDs/videos for all users for universal access

>mobile apps (such as Boopsie) for libraries

>Swift Plus to provide patron-initiated ILL service

>the continuing quest to provide improved single points of access to a broad range of library materials

>formation of more library districts to provide  financial stability

CAL Issues & Legislation
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