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Publishers strike blows against library e-books  [1]  [2]

State budget cut restorations good news for Colorado libraries  >>>

Aurora City Council puzzles over how to fund libraries  >>>

Nine Colorado libraries earn "all-star" designation for 2011  >>>

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Over a thousand on Colorado library wait lists for Fifty Shades of Grey  >>>

Colorado business librarian win RUSA BRASS Morningstar Public Librarian Support Award  >>>

Westminster Library recruiting up to 100 teen volunteers for summer reading program  >>>

Englewood Library joins Marmot network  >>>

Racy erotic book banned in other states has thousands on waiting lists in few Colorado libraries that carry it. Example: Pike's Peak Library District  >>>

Libraries partnering with other entities brings economic benefits for libraries in Colorado and other states  >>>

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and nationally...

Evil libraries? The ALA has become "terrorist friendly, child unfriendly and outright dishonest and unethical..."  >>>

Library ban on best-sellers sparks debate  >>>

Porn issue flares up in a Seattle library  >>>

Library shoos off loiterers, vagrants with classical music  >>>
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Sign at the San Rafael (CA) Public Library
Four Colorado librarians made Library Journal’s Movers and Shakers list for 2012, for “doing extraordinary work to serve their users and to move libraries of all types and library services forward.”

Four Colorado librarians are 
2012 "Movers & Shakers"

Congratulations to the following (left to right):

o   Carolyn K. Coulter >>> Tech Leaders - Information Technology and Virtual Services Officer, Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD), Colorado Springs
o  Nina McHale >>> Tech Leaders - Assistant Systems Administrator, Arapahoe Library District
o   Casey Veatch >>> Innovators -  District Librarian/Online Ed Coordinator, Physics Instructor, Bennett School District 29J 
o   Jordana Vincent  >>> Change Agents - Collection Development Librarian, Douglas County Libraries
Only four states have had more movers and shakers since the start of this exclusive club in 2002.  text.
Previous Movers and Shakers  >>>

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